Remembering Allied Radio
It’s a Saturday morning, and your week-long anticipation is about to reach it’s fruition: a trip downtown to Allied Radio!  You pile into the front seat of your dad’s 1964 Chevy and hit the road, catalog in hand, and a few choice purchases in mind - if the money holds out.  And as an added bonus, you know there’ll be a side trip to Olson Electronics just across the street from Allied’s 100 N. Western Ave. address.  What wonders will be on sale?  What new technology will be on display?  Time will tell...

What was your Allied experience?  Did you read each catalog cover to cover?  (see our Catalog Covers!).  Did you read each sale flier 20 times?  Share your stories with us!  Email the webmaster!
The Alllied building as it appears today.
 (photos - Sept. 2002)
The former Olson Electronics building, directly across Western Ave. from Allied.  It became a food and liquor store in the 1970s, and is now closed.  Note the “ghosts” of the original sign!