Help This Fan's Quest

I got this email from Rodger...see if you can help him out....

Hi Jim,

Can you post something on your website about my search for my friends
wireless broadcaster from 1959? It literally changed my life, when came to
high school and told all of us to tune in his "radio station" each day when
we got home from school.

He showed me his "station" and right then and there I was bitten by the
"broadcasting bug", which led me to a very rewarding career in
broadcasting. I would have taken over my family's 3-generation lumberyard
near Pittsburgh, had I not seen my buddy Jack's little "radio station".

Now, both our broadcasting careers are over and we are retired, I am
desperately trying to find an ad or picture of his transmitter, which was not a Knight Kit.  This unit is directly responsible for leading to my lifelong career in broadcasting, so you can understand why I now want to see at least an ad or picture of it. I am ordering lots of catalogs from 1958-59 to see if I can find it but no
luck yet. I have also scoured the internet with no luck yet.

He describes it as a rose-colored plastic cube about 6-inches on each side.
On the back it had an input from a phono cartridge and a knob to tune the
frequency on the AM broadcast band. He thinks it had a whip antenna on the
top in one corner. Any ideas what brand it could be?  Could you post this
description on your website for me as maybe someone out there could tell me
the brand of this little transmitter or what catalog it came from?  Sure
would appreciate this, Jim if you could post this description for me. Thanks..

Rodger Skinner

If you can help Rodger, send me an email and I'll put you in touch! ---Jim