A Guide to Interpreting Specifications and Marketing Terminology

New Different color from previous design
All New Parts not interchageable with previous designs
Exclusive Imported product
Unmatched Almost as good as the competition
Design Simplicity Manufacturing costs cut to the bone
Foolproof Operation No provision for any adjustmtents at all
Advanced Design Advertising agency didn't understand it
Field-Tested Manufacturer lacks good test equipment
High Accuracy All the parts fit
Years of Development We finally got one to work
Unprecedented Performance Nothing we had before ever worked THIS way
Revolutionary It's different from our competition
Distictive Different shape and color from the others
Maintenance-Free Impossible to fix
Re-Designed Previous design flaws fixed
Hand-Crafted Assembly machines operated without gloves on
Performance Proven Will operate through the warranty period
Meets all standards Ours, not yours
Satisfaction Guaranteed Manufacturer's when they cash your check
Microprocessor or Computer Controlled Does stuff we can't explain
Latest Aerospace Technology One of our techs got laid off from Boeing
High Accuracy Tolerances Feels nice and smooth
New Generation Old one didn't work, this one should get us out of trouble
24 Hr. Customer Service Within 24 hours we can find someone else to ignore you
Customer service across the country You can send it to us at any UPS location